How to bypass RAM check on cPanel DNSOnly Install

I recently re-purposed a small (10GB Disk, 512 MB RAM) VPS into a 2nd DNS server, using cPanel DNSOnly.

However, the cPanel DNSOnly installer does a RAM check and requires 768MB RAM to proceed.

Being as I only plan on running a few domains on this cluster 512MB will be more than enough under normal circumstances, thankfully there’s an easy way to bypass the check.

Firstly, if you haven’t done so already you’ll need to download the latest cPanel DNS Only.

# cd /home

# curl -o latest-dnsonly -L

Secondly, you need to run the install with the “–keep” flag. This keeps the install files instead of cleaning up after itself.

# sh latest-dns-only –keep

Now, you need to edit the install file and reduce the $min_memory_rules array to 512.

# cd /home/installd

# vi install

Console Install File
We can still dream of that better world

If you’re running CentOS 7,  you’ll need to edit the 2nd element instead of the default.

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