How to pass the COZA (South African Registry) EPP OT&E in WHMCS

COZA EPP OT&E Test ResultsToday I’ve been working to pass the EPP OT&E Tests for the .ZA (South Africa) Registry and ran into some problems using the only EPP WHMCS Module I could find, while great it does miss a lot of the tests needed to pass OT&E – I fixed that 🙂

I’ll walk you through all the steps needed to pass all OT&E Tests for the COZA / registry requirements using WHMCS.

Firstly, grab the original module here:

Once you have that installed you can grab my version of the “cozaepp.php” file which will add the additional functions you need to run all tests, you can download this here.

Now you should be set to start running through the tests.

You should now see a wide selection of buttons when you view a domain using the cozaepp module selected:WHMCS COZA Buttons

Many tests you can complete by simply clicking the buttons, it’s that simple.

Domain Create:

Enter a domain which ends in “” e.g.

Save Changes

Click Register button

This will cover Domain Create, Contact Create

Contact Delete:

Click “Contact Delete” button

Domain Renew:

Click the “Renew” button.

Domain Update Add Status:

Click “Add ClientHold” button

Domain Update Remove Status:

Click “Remove ClientHold” button

Contact Update: Click “Modify Contact Details” -> Edit -> Save

Contact Info: When you’ve registered a domain, this gets called when you load the admin page for the domain

Domain Transfer: 

Domain Transfer is a little tricky due to the need to switch between your 2 test accounts.

After you’ve registered your test domain under the main account (the one without the -2 at the end) edit your settings so the user has the -2 on the end.

Now back on your test domain admin page click “EPP Logout” – This is because the EPP Session is kept alive and even when you make a new request, it’ll still use the other user.

Now that you’ve logged out of the EPP Session, when it’s re-established it should instead be using the -2 test account.

Now you can continue to “EPP Transfer Approve”

EPP Transfer Approve:

After you’ve done the steps above for Domain Transfer, you can click the “Approve Transfer”

Domain Update Registrant:

Click “Update Registrant” button

Domain Host:

To pass this you need to do a few things, you’ll need to Add a child nameserver (Glue Record), Modify it and then Remove it.

The catch is that it doesn’t let you use any old IP for the nameserver it seems it’s put to the same checks as the live system so for it to succeed you need to have your test domain setup on the Domain Name Servers you use, and you’ll need at least 2 nameserver IPs so that you can add, then change the IP.

Once you’ve added your test domain to the DNS servers and it’ll pass the validation checks you’re good to go.

Login as the client account which owns the test domain in WHMCS, go to the manage page for the test domain, click “Register Nameservers”.

Here you can add a child nameserver e.g. with one of the IPs of your working configured namneserver and click Save Changes.

Allow a few minutes for the change to take effect with the registry.

Then, edit the nameserver and change the IP to the 2nd working, configured nameserver.

Now you can delete the nameserver.

This should pass the Domain Host test for you.

Domain Delete:

Click “Request Delete”

EPP Poll Request / EPP Poll Ack:

Run the COZAEPP Poll script by going to

This will run the POLL and you’ll see messages which are retrieved, displayed and then ACK’d.


And that should be all you need, any questions feel free to get in touch.


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